Schism (The Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley, Book 6)



Dark sides

Dr. Jekyll has sprung his trap. Tragedy has shattered Beaumont and Beasley, and Nick, Crispin, and Molly are missing. Talesend is being torn apart by an insidious magical plague, and there are only two people left to save the city–Lady Cordelia Beaumont and Malcolm Blackfire.

And they're not on speaking terms. Not that they need to be. At the moment, they can hear each other's thoughts, which is incredibly awkward.

To make matters worse, Jekyll is more powerful than ever, and he has plans for his captives. Cordelia is determined to find a way to save her friends without sacrificing any lives in the process, but the deranged alchemist has placed her in a no-win scenario. Even Malcolm is helpless to stop him.

The good news is, there's someone else who wants to save Talesend.

The bad news is, his name is the Jabberwock.