The Geppetto Codex (The Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley, Book 3)



The puppetmaster's dark legacy

Why does a magical investigations agency require a botanical department? For those times when people start magically turning to wood; that's why. Given their unique connection to the forest and its mystical spirits, Gareth the faun and Sylvia the dryad are uniquely suited to deal with any mystery involving wood–especially wood inhabited by a malevolent entity. A dark legend is returning to Talesend, thanks to a brotherhood of very unsettling monks. And unless Gareth and Sylvia can decipher the ancient spells of Nicolai Geppetto, no one in the city will be safe.

But the investigative duo soon find themselves in over their heads. A catastrophic mistake places all of humanity in jeopardy, and a powerful villain waits in the shadows to seize control of the situation. Dr. Jekyll has returned, and Gareth and Sylvia have fallen right into his trap.

The only option left is unthinkable…but to defeat the Brotherhood of Pinocchio, a sacrifice must be made. Can Gareth and Sylvia save Talesend without losing their lives?