The Hare and the Hatter (The Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley, Book 4)



Sins of the fathers

Crispin Beasley is remembering things that never happened. Not unusual, for someone with a unique connection to the fabric of time and space. But given that the visions involve his estranged father, he finds them particularly disturbing.

So he consults the one person who has offered to help him control his powers instead of encouraging him to suppress them–the dragon Malcolm Blackfire. Together, he and Malcolm track down Perceval Beasley, who’s currently working for an up-and-coming motion picture studio run by young entrepreneur Harry March.

Harry seems genuine. Perceval, though unscrupulous as ever, doesn’t appear to be up to anything particularly horrible. And yet, Crispin senses something wrong at the studio. Reality is bleeding, and time itself is screaming in pain. With Malcolm’s help, Crispin must find a way to stop a catastrophic chain of events.

But Crispin may not know Malcolm as well as he thinks. And perhaps the events in his visions really did happen after all…