The Hound of Duville (The Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley, Book 2)



A canine conundrum

“I’m sorry, Miss Blenkinsop, but I’m afraid this dog is your fiancĂ©.”

Wealthy man-about-town Gregory Duville has fallen victim to a baffling (and embarrassing) curse, and Beaumont and Beasley are on the case.

Except, they’re not. Because Lady Cordelia Beaumont has gone missing, leaving only detective-turned-monster Nick Beasley and his brother Crispin to tackle the mystery. To make matters worse, the curse afflicting Mr. Duville is targeting all other men in the city of Talesend as well.

An ancient witch may hold the key to stopping the spell in its tracks, but is she everything she seems? Can Nick solve this case without the aid of Cordelia’s magic? Or will the secrets he’s keeping from Crispin doom Talesend forever?