The Clawthorn Rose (Tales of the Afterlands, Book 1)


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Princess Anwen of Caradoc has no desire to be part of any fairy tale. She spends most of her time breaking spells and slaying monsters so efficiently that fairy tales don’t have a chance to get started in her land. But a plot by her power-hungry cousin to seize her throne pits her against something she can’t defeat so easily—a terrifying, utterly inhuman creature known only as the Beast.

Forgotten and alone, Anwen’s only solace comes from the young man she meets in her dreams. Of course, he’s not actually real…or is he? And how is he connected to the monster she’s fighting? Anwen must learn the truth quickly, before an enemy from her worst nightmares destroys everything she holds dear.

This is the story of Sleeping Beauty…and the Beast.